Love is a flame…


Love is a flame that burns in our heart, Jesus has come and will never depart.

-from “When God Is a Child” by Brian Wren



2 thoughts on “Love is a flame…

  1. When I first think if love, thoughts of wedding images pop in my head. Perfect scenarios of bliss. But isn’t love supposed to be unconditional? Everyone perfect is lovable. But what about the lonely, discarded people. The vet on the corner with his cardboard sign. The man next door that is seldom seen outside. The widow that is forgotten by her children. Who will love them. Aren’t they worthy of love too? I struggle with these thoughts. What will I do. How will I love. What conditions do I demand in order to love. Am I worthy of love.

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    1. You echo the ideas I struggle with at this time of year and beyond. The short answer, of course, is that none of us is perfect or worthy, but still our heavenly father loves us unconditionally. As for here on earth, well, I’m guessing we could all do a better job. Hopefully you have inspired other dear readers to delve deeper into what it means to love and be loved. Thanks for that, and for stopping by. I wish you peace, joy, and so much love!


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