hope-peace-joy“I’ve got joy like a fountain in my heart.”  You may recognize that as a line from an old Sunday School tune.  I remember singing it boldly along with the other verses which included “peace like a river” and “love like an ocean.”  All are good descriptors, but “joy like a fountain” is my favorite.  When joy happens, it bubbles up and out like water from a wellspring.

I recently had a conversation with a grieving friend.  Though she often feels sad, she is looking forward to what she calls her “new reality.”  Planning for a new residence, starting a small business, and being with family are all sources of joy.  Sometimes she feels guilty for being happy.  Other times she worries that people will judge her for being happy at a time when she should, in their view, be sorrowful.  Fortunately, joy bubbles up pushing all that aside, making room for brighter tomorrows.  I am lucky to be standing in the spray.


6 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Your last two sentences were so descriptive that I felt the sense of joy even as I watch the snow fall. We walked our neighborhood this evening . The snow underfoot made our steps sound like whispers and the Christmas lights on homes helped us forget about the cold (18 degrees, now). It’s a joyous night.

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  2. I can’t believe after all these years you are saying “fountain” when I thought it was “down in”. Must go check that out.
    Lots of joy to you. ❤️

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